Past AEE Projects

The Alternative Energy Enterprise has seen many great projects come and go over the years. This page is dedicated to those past projects that have contributed so much to the Enterprise.

Past Projects

Microbial Fuel Cell

The Microbial Fuel Cell team worked on utilizing bacteria and waste to produce electricity by profiting off of changing electrical potentials.

Fortune Lake Solar

This project team assisted the Fortune Lake Bible Camp, by providing a design for a more comfortable, and slightly modernized, retreat for their campers by electrifying the more rustic camping zone.

Baraga Solar

The Baraga Solar Team worked with the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community (KBIC) on 4 different Solar Projects throughout their community, ranging from 4kW to 500kW


The Compost Team is looking to create a sustainable means of fertilizer by composting the organic food waste produced by Michigan Technological University.

L'Anse Community Solar

Researched and designed a solar array based on multiple realistic constraints with a unique investment opportunity for the community of L’Anse


Researched and developed the technical design segment of an educational exhibit for the general public on mine water geothermal heating and cooling with heat pumps