Pumped Hydro

Team Members: Noah Baliat: 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering, Shaelyn Koleber: 4th Year Environmental Engineering, Alex Wilt: 5th Year Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Emilia Fanelli: 2nd Year Mechanical Engineering, Steven Sweet: 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering, Hayden Augustyniak: 3rd Year Electrical Engineering, Trevor VanDyke: 5th Year Mechanical Engineering

Working with Dr. Sidortsov, Dr. Dyreson, Dr. Scarlett, and PhD candidate Shardul Tiwari to develop a map of areas with the highest electrical loads in the US and overlaying potential abandoned mines/existing structures on the map to implement a pumped hydro storage (PSH) facility. In the future we plan to create a thorough cost estimator from start to finish of a PSH system for use in future site developments.

Spring 2021 Mid-Semester Presentation