Renewable Energy Mission Module

Team Members: Josh Myers Senior EE, Bridget Streicher Senior ME, Gavin Kumpelis Senior ME, Alex Beltz Sophomore EE

Goal of REMM is to test a prototype of a renewable energy generation device. It incorporates a generator, solar panels and a wind turbine for energy production and a battery for energy storage. The goal of the device created by the team is to have it act as a portable energy station for disaster relief efforts where fuel may be scarce.

The team is currently wrapping up integrating the renewable energy sources as well as conducting various tests on the device to troubleshoot and find areas where improvements can be made in upscaled versions.

The team is also designing a 3.5 kW system that will provide meaningful power and have the ability to relocate when necessary. The team plans to pitch their ideas to potential sponsors to make it possible to manufacture this devices design.

Spring 2021 Final Report

Fall 2020 Mid-Semester Presentation

Spring 2021 Mid-Semester Presentation