Get to Know the Team

We currently have eight students from the enterprise working on the SDH.  We have been working on this project since the Fall 2016 semester and will continue to work on the house for the next several years.  To get to know the team a bit better, the following are short introductions.  While the team spans five different engineering disciplines, we are united in our interest in environmental sustainability and renewable energy.  

Nathan Ackerman

I’m Nathan, I’m a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student and have been in AEE for two years. I am in the enterprise because I am interested in the alternative energy field. I grew up on a small hobby farm and have an interest in living sustainably.  I enjoy exploring the UP in my free time.

David Anna

Hi, I’m David, a third year mechanical engineering student. I am from Ithaca, Michigan in the central Michigan area. I became involved with AEE because I believe that, as a future engineer, becoming involved in alternative energies is the way to create the largest positive impact within the world. Outside of school I enjoy riding my motorcycle, snowboarding, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors in general. After graduating I hope to work within the energy industry continuing my interest within alternative energies.

Mario Graziano

I am a third year civil engineer. I am interested in AEE to help bring some concepts that I learn into the field of civil engineering. Sustainability is not a common practice in civil engineering and I would like to help change that. My current direction in civil engineering is focused on structures. Outside of the enterprise, I am the president of the Men’s Club Soccer Team so that keeps me very busy. I love exploring the Keweenaw, especially in winter.

Drew Hanover

I am a third year mechanical engineering student from Bay City, MI. I have had two years of research experience in HVAC optimization and Model Predictive Control with two publications. I interned at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center as a Fluids System Design Engineer. I worked for two summers at General Motors as an intern in Body Engineering and Camaro/Corvette Performance.

Warren Krettek

My name is Warren Krettek and I’m a second year electrical engineer working in my second year at AEE. I’m involved in sustainability because I believe it is one of the most important contributions we can make to modern society and I would like to pursue this as a career after I graduate. On campus I also participate in the Audio Engineering Society which does lots of cool stuff with speakers and sound. In my free time I enjoy running, listening to music, and going to hockey games. So far, AEE has been a great engineering experience for me and is also a ton of fun. I can’t wait for this project to develop and to see what we can offer the community!

Laura Schimmel

Hi there! My name is Laura and I am a third year materials science and engineering student from southeastern Michigan.   This is also my third year being on the enterprise – I have learned so much about different renewable energy technologies and how to live more sustainably.  I hope to pursue a career in the field of alternative energy and sustainability, especially in the developing world.  Outside of AEE, I am a member of SWE and Engineers Without Borders.  In my free time I enjoy exploring the UP, running, climbing and skiing.

Sam Swartzmiller

Hi my name is Sam Swartzmiller and I am from Traverse City, MI. I am a fourth year mechanical engineer and currently the president of Alternative Energy Enterprise. I will be attending grad school here at Tech next year researching wave energy conversion. I came to Michigan Tech with the goal of entering the alternative energy industry upon graduation. I am passionate about promoting and developing renewable energy. When I’m not on campus you can find me at Mont Ripley snowboarding.

Rose Turner

Hi! My name is Rose Turner and I am a third year environmental engineering major from Detroit, MI.  After I graduate, I plan to get a job in the alternative energy field and thought joining the Alternative Energy Enterprise while I’m still in school would be a great start to that.  So far I have had an enriching experience in AEE and am excited to see where the SDH project takes us.  Outside of the enterprise, I am the University Chemistry 1 Supplemental Instruction Leader, a differential equations teaching assistant, a WMTU radio show co-host, and the leader of Soul Core fitness at Michigan Tech.  In my free time I like running, mountain biking, going on adventures, and traveling.  If you see me on campus, please say hi!