An Introduction:

The Michigan Tech Sustainable demonstration house, also known as the Kettle Gundlach house, was originally built by Herman Gundlach Jr, the president of the Keweenaw Construction Company at the time. In 1979, the Michigan Tech President, Dale F. Stein moved into the house. The house served as Stein’s residence until 1991 at which point many renovations were made to the house. In 2004 this residence became known as the Kettle Gundlach University Residence and has been used for various university related social gatherings.

The Alternative Energy Enterprise has been given jurisdiction over the Kettle Gundlach house in order to create a sustainable demonstration house. Many improvements are currently in the process of being made, such as the installation of high efficiency lighting fixtures and solar panels.  Several other projects are planned, including composting and higher efficiency appliances.  The purpose of these projects is to show how sustainable living could look in everyday life.


We on the Alternative Energy Enterprise Sustainable Demonstration House Team would like to welcome you to this blog! We are excited to keep everyone updated on the progress of the house and how well the improvements and practices are being incorporated into the resident student’s life.

Currently we have some exciting things we have been working on, such as:

  • Cataloging the current light bulbs within the house for use in high efficiency replacements.
  • Baseline readings of the overall energy usage of the house.
  • Solar panel installation planning has been underway and we hope to have them installed by Michigan Tech’s fall semester. So, keep your eyes out for those coming soon to Michigan Tech’s Lot 10!

We look forward to keeping our readers updated on the developments as they are made to the house as well as outreach events. So stay tuned!